What do you podcast?

Ok. Its fess-up time. Ever since I got my iPod, website I’ve loved listening to podcasts. I listen to podcasts more than I listen to music. I have a couple of really good podcasts that I love, more about but I’m wondering what I should add to my list.

Here is a list of podcasts I subscribe to (meanings of fonts discussed below):


  • BYU Recent talks
  • Grammar Girl’s QnD Tips
  • Legal Lad’s QnD Tips
  • Newsweek OnAir Podcast
  • NPR: Car Talk’s Call of the Week
  • NPR: Most E-mailed Stories
  • NPR: Shuffle
  • NPR: This I believe
  • NPR: Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me
  • PotterCast: Harry Potter on the Air
  • Tech Writer Voices

Video Podcasts:

  • CNN In Case you Missed It
  • CNN Paging Dr. Gupta
  • Eye to Eye with Katie Couric

Of these podcasts, erectile the ones in bold are my favorites that I try not to miss. The ones in italics are the ones I listen to when I’ve listened to everything else already. The other ones I listen to when I have time, but I don’t feel bad about missing an episode or two.

If you like Car Talk, you should definately get the Car Talk Call of the Week podcast. Its about 5 minutes, and it is very, very funny. Die hard Harry Potter fans would enjoy the Pottercast podcast; it is a weekly one that takes about an hour. The BYU Recent Talks is a recent subscription for me. They publish talks given at BYU weekly devotionals. I’ve listened to a couple of these, and wonder why I didn’t take better advantage of the weekly devotional when I was at BYU.

Okay. Enough of my rambling. What do you listen to? What are your favorite podcasts? Do share!

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  1. I listen to the following Podcasts right now:

    Fly With Me (A podcast done by a commercial airline pilot who takes a tape recorder with him and interviews fellow pilots, flight attendants, and passengers)

    Betty In The Sky With A Suitcase (the same premise as above, but done by a Flight Attendant for a major airline).

    These are obviously interesting to me since I have an airline career, but they are both really funny podcasts and well put together, themes, transitions, etc…

    I also listen on occasion to various Disneyland/Disney related podcasts since my family has season passes and we travel to Disneyland Frequently, but there are so many of them that I listen to I can’t think of any specific names right now….

  2. Paul, some podcasts I also enjoy (that aren’t on your list):

    DMN Communications
    Edgework (brianoberkirch.com)
    HBR Ideacast
    NY Times David Pogue / also NY Times Tech Talk
    IT Conversations
    Talk Crunch
    The WordPress Podcast
    This Week in Tech

    Darren Barefoot lists a few on his site.

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