Wal-Mart failed me

Dear Wal-Mart, viagra

I thought I would let you know that after all my rooting, visit support, illness championing of your cause, and even voting for you, you really let me down yesterday.

Wal-Mart, you are supposed to be the one-stop shopping destination, where I can go to get anything I need for my household. Have you got the cleaning solution I need? Check. How about small appliances? Check. What if I need a vacuum? Check. Couch covers? Check. Laundry detergent? Check. School supplies? Check. Garage-door opener batteries? Check. Eureka Style J vacuum bags? Um, not so check.

In fact, you, my beloved cursed local Wal-Mart don’t stock Eureka Style J vacuum bags anymore. It’s not that you were just temporarily out of stock. There wasn’t even a spot for them on the shelves. I checked all your tags.

Nope. Style J got crowded out by the style A standard, and the style A ritzy. And the style Q standard, and the style Q ritzy. Did you know there are multiple versions of vacuum bags now? Yep. No longer just one option for your size. Now there are different grades of vacuum bag.

And in order to accommodate the varieties within sizes, Wal-Mart, you gave my J style the axe.

Well. Wal-Mart, we are through. It’s been a nice ride. But I’m going to Target. I like their baby- supplies selection better anyway.

So there.

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