T-Mobile’s fall from grace

I used to really like T-Mobile. That was until I my phone suffered from Water Damage.

I recognize that it was my own dumb fault that the phone got ruined. I called T-Mobile and explained that my phone had Water Damage and I needed to know what to do next. The customer service rep (who, buy incidentally, site was very professional and nice) did some checking and told me that I would (A) have to buy a new phone (not a huge surprise; I didn’t expect the warranty to cover water damage) AND (B) have to pay a $100 fee due to violating the warranty by causing Water Damage to the phone.

The second one caused me to double-take. I asked a question for verification: “So you’re saying that if I had lost my phone, you would replace it for the price of the phone, but no additional fee, but because I got my phone wet, I have to pay for the price of a new phone PLUS a $100 fee?”

“That is correct” was the reply.

I can only assume that T-Mobile’s actual policy was portrayed inaccurately to me, as I can’t figure out what difference it makes to T-Mobile whether I lost my phone, dropped it in a pool, or accidentally left it on the moon. I need a new phone.

So, if you are a T-Mobile customer and due to Water Damage you phone becomes inoperable, I’d recommend that you just lose it. Like, in the trash can on garbage day [see note, below].

I’m going to get clarification on this issue from T-Mobile. Then I think I’ll ask them what they would do if I lost my phone by dropping it in a lake. That should be an interesting paradox.

[Note: I actually know that you shouldn’t discard electronic items in the garbage, as there are better venues where your electronics can be recycled without polluting the environment. In fact, I support such measures. Let “in the trash can on garbage day” be a metaphor for disposing of your electronics in an environmentally-friendly manner.]


6 responses to “T-Mobile’s fall from grace”

  1. Hmmmm… And this is the person who so proudly declared “I love my cell phone company” on my blog just a few months ago.

    How’s that love now, Paul?

  2. Well, occasionally one has to let facts change a pre-conceived opinion. Overall, I think T-Mobile is a good company with a very stupid policy on replacing wet phones.

  3. That makes no sense but what does when dealing with a cell phone provider. I suggest you call again and this time just tell them you lost the phone and see what they say.

  4. Jack – no kidding! You’d think they’d want to be pleasant so I’d want to renew my contract with them. But every cell phone provider I’ve ever had seems friendly when I’m not a subscriber yet, but acts like I don’t exist after I join… 🙂

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