All Night Drive

We left yesterday afternoon for a short trip to Canada. We made it this morning, ed and I’m excited to learn that my uncle (at whose house we are staying) has wireless internet. Since I brought my laptop, viagra 100mg I can blog. But don’t tell my work, or I might have to log in and get some stuff done there! <grin>

Nathaniel was a great traveler, though admittedly we drove through a large portion of the night, and he was able to sleep. There were some funny stories that happened while we were driving, but I’m so tired I’ve forgotten them. I’ll remember after I take a nap and then I’ll tell you about them.

Wow, I guess this is kind of a lame blog post.

But, technical writing related, I did finish my work project before I left. I completed an entire help system from scratch using MadCap Flare. I used Flare to single-source my content for two output deliverables: WebHelp and printed PDF.

I need to do a series of Flare posts, so look for those coming up in the future. I’d maybe try to write one now, but I’m on vacation.  🙂


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