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So it has been quite a while since I checked in here at TS; a little over a month actually. After my last post, viagra I was in quite a hurry to finish a project at work so I could leave on vacation. Then I took a two week vacation back east, symptoms which was wonderful. When we got back, approved I was swamped with a new project at work and other personal responsibilities. There seemed to be so much going on, that any attempt to blog would require recounting everything so it was easier to say nothing. Well, now I’ve just decided to move on and move forward without trying to catch up on the stories I missed. Oh well.

On the personal front, our little boy has started pulling himself up on things. Its quite adorable, but we found out how un-baby-proof our house actually is. We’re rushing like mad to try to organize things around the house to make it so we don’t have to worry every ten seconds that he is getting himself into something that is hazardous or dangerous. I’m trying to figure out how to attach bookcases and such to walls to they won’t tip forward if a little body tries to climb on them, and we’re getting all the safety devices to keep little fingers out of plug sockets and curious eyes and hands out of dangerous cupboards.

On the professional front, things are going well with work, but I haven’t had a lot of time to work with the new Flare 3.0. I had to work on an older branch of my documentation that is still being done in FrameMaker, so I set Flare aside for a while to keep the older branch moving. I expect to be using Flare again in the next couple of weeks as I make updates to my project that is already in Flare. By fourth quarter I should be doing full Flare documentation, which will be nice. It’s kind of frustrating to bounce back and forth between authoring tools. I get so used to the way Flare does things, and I feel so limited by the way Frame does them (especially since I’m using Frame 7.0; and no, I don’t plan to upgrade to Frame 8 because I’m migrating away from Frame as my primary authoring tool).

I still need to get back to my series on structured authoring. It is coming soon. I think it is a valuable topic, and a discussion of tools will be useful for other technical writers who are trying to understand the concepts.

Anyway, I’m back, and I’ll be posting again soon. Thanks for waiting.

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