Cool Link Wednesday

Today’s quick update includes two sites I recently found while Stumbling.

World Clock

I stumbled upon a site that uses statistics from various government and non-profit entities to show a world clock that displays the population growth, information pills death rates and causes, search and other information for a specific period of time. For example, you can see (based on statistical averages) how many people in the world have died of AIDS this year, this month, this week, or today. (As of right now, 3,930 people have died from AIDS today.) Today there have already been 58,000 abortions, and 14,000 people have been diagnosed with cancer. Its really quite sobering.

Pandora Radio

Another site I stumbled across last week was Pandora Radio. This is a site that allows you to pick an artist, then Pandora creates a radio station for you based on that artist. You can customize the station by adding new artists/songs, and by rating songs that Pandora plays. The service is free at the basic level. You can create a membership (also free) to remember your station across computers or sessions. There is even an pay-option that removes advertisements from the radio stream. It’s pretty darn cool for free. I’ve been using Yahoo!’s Launchcast Plus player for a couple of years, but I found Pandora to be a great free alternative that was easier to configure in order to get songs I liked. I also like that with Pandora, if I give a song a thumbs down, the song immediately stops and a new song plays in its place.

One negative of Pandora compared to Launchcast Plus is that Pandora seems to be choppier on occasion, especially if I open a webpage that is graphic intensive, where Launchast Plus was generally pretty impervious to other things happening in my web browser. But again, Pandora is free. And for free, it’s pretty darn impressive.

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