A toast to ACME

Have I told you lately that I love my job? Twice in the last year I’ve been approached by people who wanted me to investigate another work opportunity, stomach and both times I turned the people down before they could get going. There are so many fantastic things about my job, that I can’t imagine switching into a situation that might not (how could it possibly?) be as good.

The company I work for has a very appealing corporate culture. There is a real sense of family unlike anything I ever expected from a job. I remember when our baby was born last December. I received flowers from the office, and the whole executive team (all but two of whom have offices in California, not Utah, so I don’t hardly know them) sent me individual e-mails of congratulations–the longest of which may have come from the CEO. The office has a dot-com startup feel with people wearing shorts and t-shirts, but the people I work with are exceptionally intelligent and good at their jobs. I’m surrounded by geniuses. I look around the office and think to myself, “I can’t believe that they picked me to work here.”

As for the work itself, it is fun and interesting. There is always plenty to do to keep me occupied. My manager is happy to let me experiment with new tools or other ideas to see how things will work and is supportive and encouraging. I have a lot of autonomy; as long as I get my projects done on time (I haven’t missed a deadline yet, in over a year), nobody is very concerned about where I work from, or what my hours are. I put in a lot of hours near my deadlines, but I’m able to be much more flexible when I’m not at the end of a development cycle.

I feel like they trust me, believe in me, and need me, and are genuinely pleased with my work. There’s no wonder why I love my job. And no wonder why I won’t consider leaving. It may not get any better than this. And a million people would die to love their jobs like I love mine.

So ACME (generic name for the company I work for), this month we celebrate a year working together. Raise your glass as we look forward to many more.

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  1. It’s nice to see someone who enjoys what he does and where he works. More often than not, people just work for a paycheck. Where I work used to be like it is for you but hasn’t been in a long while. Sure I come and go as I please as long as the work is done but there’s no family atmosphere, it’s all business.

    Congratulations on your 1st anniversary.

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