Flare podcast

Last week I was interviewed by Tom Johnson for the Tech Writer Voices podcast.

Here is the link to Tom’s podcast post. He’s allowed me to embed the podcast here on my website, so you can listen to it from here if you’d like.

From Tom’s site:

Topics Discussed in this Podcast

* Flare’s XML editor
* Integration of Flare with source control
* How Madcap addresses the entire writer’s workflow
* Generating quality printed output from Flare
* Cross-platform shortcomings
* Thorough integration of CSS standards in Flare
* Flare’s CSS editor
* Flare’s learning curve — how long it takes to learn Flare
* Variables and snippets
* Indexes and insertion of index keywords within topics
* Implementing variables across the entire workflow
* Rewards from being a forum volunteer and moderator
* Madcap Software’s family feel
* Relevance of company size and location
* Mike Hamilton, remedy vice president of product management
* Lingo and the single sourcing of content across images, topics, and outputs
* Lingo’s efficiency with localization
* Madcap’s responsiveness to blog comments and feedback
* Feedback Server and topic-based comments
* Balancing complexity with usability
* Madcap Analzer and Feedback Server
* Product/company image generated by blogs and user forums
* The online help market in 5 years
* Reasons for Framemaker’s stagnation
* Qualities of companies that will succeed in the future
* The best way to learn Flare

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