Shameless Brother-Promotion

Here is a video about my brother, order who is going to meet President Bush tomorrow to receive an award:

And here is the text of the accompanying news story:
SALT LAKE CITY – President George W. Bush will travel to Utah on Wednesday, where he will present an award to a local man, who serves as a volunteer to help others.

President Bush will present the award personally to 24-year-old Rick Pehrson, whose outstanding volunteer service led his co-workers to nominate him for the honor — called the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

“It’s kind of intimidating to get calls from the White House,” Pehrson said. “I will be scared enough, I won’t say a lot.”

Rick’s superior at the Utah Commission of Volunteers nominated him for the award, saying that the decision to do so was simple.

“It was easy because Rick is an outstanding individual,” said Kathy Smith, Rick’s boss.

Rick first started volunteering because his family needed him. His father was chronically ill and passed away two years ago. As it turns out, he left behind a son who learned to give to others.

President Bush will present the award to Pehrson on Wednesday, during a trip to Salt Lake City — where the commander-in chief will help raise money for GOP presidential nominee John McCain.

6 responses to “Shameless Brother-Promotion”

  1. Good job Rick don’t forget to say ” I owe it all to my Mom” the media loves that kind of stuff. When you shake the presidents hand thank him for his work on the 2nd amendment. Love ya Kim

  2. Dear Shameless Brother,
    I’ve already written to your Honoured Bro, and your proud mom, so thought I would thank you for the video-clip and urge you to post everything you can find.
    I watched the event LIVE on kutv’s website, while giving Violet colour commentary on the phone — what fun. She would love to see that clip for example, and post-award interviews, if any. I noticed the media could not get enough of the motorcade, the gates of the mansion, the sound of their own voices, as usual — hope there’s a clip on tonight’s news.
    Much love to Christina and the babbies,
    and to your brilliant generous self.

  3. Hey Paul,

    What a great news article about our favorite red-head. Thanks so much for posting this. He’s so cool. I know, you taught him everything he knows!


  4. This is awesome and it’s great to see someone making a difference in there community. We need more people like Rick.

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