False Alarm

Google has banned my site. They are raising a false alarm about my blog being an attack site, more about and are blocking it for users of Google Desktop (as far as I can tell).

I’ve checked my site code, dosage and the only way I can imagine that I’m passing on “attack” content is if it is served from the Google ads. Now isn’t that ironic? Google placed the ads on my site then blocked it because they say the ads are “badware.” it turns out my blog got attacked. (Read more about this in a later post.)

And how is this my fault? And what does Google want me to do about it? If this isn’t resolved in a day or so, medical I’ll have no choice but to remove the Google advertising.

This is rediculous!

UPDATE (later the same day): So, it turns out I was wrong about what I wrote here. Google found some legitimate badware linked from the site. It turns out my WordPress blog got hacked. But I’ve now fixed the problem, so there is no need to worry any more! Deletions to the original post are crossed out and additions are in italics. 

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