One idiot ruins it for the whole group

Remember when you were in elementary school and there was that one really annoying kid in your class who didn’t know when to shut up, ask and caused the whole class to miss recess or some other fun activity?

We have the 21st century version of the classroom idiot happening right now on this here blog. For a while now, approved I’ve had a link to my GrandCentral account in the blog’s sidebar. You would click on the image, enter your phone number, and you’d be connected directly to my voicemail. It was a nice way to interact with the readers on a personal level.

However, somebody abused the privilege tonight, and I’ve removed the button and disabled the functionality from within my GrandCentral account (so you can’t even use a cached version of the page). Somebody was using my web call button to annoy a “friend” of theirs in Sarisota, on the Sun Coast of Florida. That person got several calls on their home phone and their cell phone from my GrandCentral account.

It was rude, inconsiderate, and not funny. I don’t appreciate it, and neither does the person who received the calls (as I can attest to, based on the phone messages I’ve received in my GrandCentral account).

Too bad Grand Central doesn’t have a way to track and or prevent this type of abuse, because it makes it so none of us can benefit from the WebCall button because of the annoying action of a single person.

Anyway, that’s what happened to the WebCall button, if you were wondering.

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