Win a free copy of Flare 4

Speaking of Flare 4, illness Tom Johnson is giving away a free copy of Flare 4 (full version, retail value near $900). To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on his giveaway post.

Good Luck!

3 responses to “Win a free copy of Flare 4”

  1. Jeff,

    First, I’m not giving the prize away. Tom Johnson is, on his blog. You need to comment on Tom Johnson’s post in order to win the prize.

    Second, do you expect the HAT to do the translation automatically, or do you expect to have human intervention? If you expect automatic translation, you’ll be disappointed with the results. Just like you can tell when somebody uses a Web Service to translate text into English (it just doesn’t’ sound right), a Chinese speaker would have the same problem. If you expect human intervention, then you should check out MadCap’s Lingo tool, which does what you are asking, I think.

  2. I’m closing comments on this thread so people don’t get confused and think you have to post here in order to win Tom’s prize.

    To enter the drawing, comment on Tom’s post, over here.