Is Nothing Sacred?

Computerworld reports that a group of hackers claim they have broken into Govenor Palin’s private e-mail account, find hosted on Yahoo!.

As proof, they have apparently released screenshots of her address book and family photos that were stored in the e-mail account.

I’m not wanting this to be a political discussion, in part, because I haven’t yet made up my mind on where I stand, but regardless of who the candidate is, I find this disgusting and horrific.

Like or dislike a canddiate, there are certain things areas of a candidate’s life that should be able to remain sacred. This is an invasion of privacy that crosses the line, in my book. Leave a candidate’s family out of the discussion. Leave their personal lives, well, personal–including their e-mail.

Can’t we show the candidates respect and let this election be about issues rather than people?

And just because you can break into a candidate’s e-mail account doesn’t mean you should.


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