Capture 3 beta

MadCap Software announced an open beta of Capture V3, page MadCap’s screen capture tool. According to MadCap:

Version 3 of Capture builds on the strengths of the initial version of MadCap Capture and dramatically improves cross product integration with the full suite of MadCap Software tools. Additionally Capture Version 3 has added many requested user features, approved such as Clipboard functionality, check zoom while capturing, time delay, improved image cropping, better support for print formats and much more!

Frankly, this couldn’t have come at a better time for me. For several weeks, I’ve been trying to wrestle with how to make my screen captures look better in printed output. I had finally decided to remove all the MadCap Capture images from my project, and replace them with images I’d taken with SnagIT. It wasn’t a perfect solution, but it fixed some of the problems I was having with my capture-only workflow.

However, now I’m using Capture V3 for my screenshots, and I finally have the control I need over both the printed and the online images that are used in my Flare projects, using a single image.

If you want to participate in the open beta of Capture V3, you can find more information in the MadCap forums.

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