My next project needs your help

This post is for recovering Frame users who have switched to Flare, erectile or users of Frame who are authoring in Frame, but are publishing with Flare.

I’m working on a book that will address importing projects from FrameMaker to Flare/Blaze, and I’d like to get your input on what struggles you had when you were (or when you are) importing Frame files into Flare so that I can address these trouble areas specifically.

Anybody who sends an idea that I use will get acknowledged in the book, and I’ll be sending out two free copies of the completed book to randomly-selected people whose contributions I use.

I’m not a MadCap employee; just an aficionado, so there are no restrictions on who can send me information, or who can win the free copies.

Anything you submit becomes my property to use (or not use) in the book, but I do promise attribution for anything I use.

Please send submit your comments via my website’s contact form. Please use the subject “BOOK SUGGESTION”; that will ensure your submission doesn’t get filtered to my spam box.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Your “contact form” link is bad.

    My struggles (I’m just evaluating Flare) include:
    Clarifying the distinction between importing from Frame and outputting to HTML – what controls what. For example, I import from Frame and get a stylesheet, but then how do I modify the stylesheet? Do I have to reimport once I modify the style sheet?

    How can I get my Frame bullet lists to work? (I used a special wingding font to get different bullets, but I can’t figure out how to get them to be bullets in the Flare output.)

    If I modify the XML and use the formatting toolbar, do those changes get saved to the stylesheet? (I read something that implied that is the case.)

    I have lots of questions, as you can see… 🙂

    (I’m used to Frame to WebWorks to (various) HTML formats, so the Flare paradigm is a little foreign.

  2. Can you tell me how to map a frame paragraph style (see also item) to a MadCap conceptLink? I modified the style in the stylesheet, but when I go to the Frame import, it doesn’t appear in the list of Flare styles available for mapping….


  3. I’m really struggling with the ToC aspect of import; none of the options I’ve tried work:

    — Import the book – the Master ToC is generated “for free” but then Flare never picks up changes to the FM files (Sharon tells me that I have to “link to the individual FM files” – one would hope this is considered a defect).

    — Import the FM files – my Master ToC in Flare is blank.

    — Attempt to import the FM ToC – a) can’t find the option to import FM files (just the .flimpfm), b) if I import the ToC to a new project then try to use the resulting flimpfm file in the existing project, I still don’t get a ToC.

    Good luck with the book!


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