Promotional E-mail from MadCap

I just got the following e-mail from MadCap Software today, ambulance encouraging me to purchase Flare. Check out the second link in the message. That made me laugh:

Hi Paul,

I hope all is well.

As a current Flare user, I thought you would be interested in learning that we have just released Flare v4.0 and Blaze v1.0! Blaze is our new print-only solution, while Flare remains the premier tool for printed document and web help authoring. I encourage you to download the new trials and give them a spin:

In addition, please visit this site for a blog article with great insight on Flare 4 you may enjoy:

Finally, and the last link I swear – a newly recorded demo by V.P. Mike Hamilton about the new features in Flare V4: :


Let me know if you would like additional details or if there is anything that comes up that I can assist with. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
[MadCap Representative]

Pretty cool, eh?

2 responses to “Promotional E-mail from MadCap”

  1. Ok, part of what was so funny about this to me was that I’m getting an e-mail from MadCap to try to get me to purchase a product, and they are using my own blog as a reference to try to convince me to make a decision.

    I suppose, if it were a targeted message, it’s pretty good. I mean, I thought I made a persuasive argument, so who better for me to listen to than myself… 🙂

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