Flare Certified Trainer

I thought some of you might be interested to know that I’ve applied for, click and been granted Flare Certified Trainer status from MadSkills, about it the training side of MadCap Software.

My first training is going to be next month when I travel to a client site in the Middle East. I’m taking a week of personal vacation time from my “real” job so I can perform the training. I’m pretty excited about the opportunity, and I’m working on getting my visa and travel documents in order.

I’ll keep you updated on my blog, wtih regards to my trip, so feel free to come back, if you’re interested.

The trip to the Middle East is actually the second leg in a two-week long trip that I’ll be taking. I’m starting my trip by attending the DITA/TECHCOMM Conference from November 3-6 in North Carolina. The Conference is presented by Bright Path Solutions.

At the conference, I’ll be presenting two sessions. My first session is a topic that I think might be generating a bit of buzz amongst followers of MadCap. My session is titled “DITA and MadCap; What’s the Buzz?” where I will be able to expound on the MadCap DITA announcement scheduled for the end of this month. (No hints before then, sorry.)  My second session is the topic of the book I’m currently writing; the session is called “FrameMaker to Flare: Tips and Tricks”.

Getting ready for the conference and training have put me off schedule on the book, but I hope to have it out by the beginning of next year.

I’m leaving from North Carolina on my trip to the Middle East, so I won’t be back home until around the 15th of November.

Stay tuned for more info on the MadCap DITA announcement and for highlighs from the conference and my training trip!

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  1. Wow, that’s pretty amazing. I always thought you were a sharp guy. Now you’re flying all over the world to give training on Flare. What part of the Middle East are you going to?

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