Do you say “tweet” and “tweeting” and “tweeted”?

I was in the store with Christina on Saturday, physician and I was talking about my recent foray into Twitter Land. I found myself using words like “tweet” and “tweeting” and “tweeted.”

Christina looked at me and said, seek “Aren’t you embarrassed to say “I tweeted?”

Indeed, prostate it does sound like my 2-year-old, who on Halloween night, went around saying “twick oh tweet”.

So, I’m tweeting on Twitter like my kid tweeted on Halloween.

And no, I’m not embarrassed about it, thank you very much.


One response to “Do you say “tweet” and “tweeting” and “tweeted”?”

  1. I am still trying to figure out the whole twitter lingo. I guess I’m sorta a newbie to twitter at the moment. I am aware of some of the twitter lingo, but some of it I am not exactly sure what they are getting at. Then again I’m no 16 and tuned into as much as the younger generation is. One of these days I’ll get it figured out, or at least some of it!

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