Now Mobile-enabled

Happy New Year!

Life has been crazy around my house, visit this what with the holidays, my brother’s wedding, and a pressing deadline at work. I am still here and going strong. I have lots of ideas of posts to write about, so I’ll try to get some more of them on paper.

After my trip to Saudi Arabia, I bought myself an iPod Touch, which is a similar device to the iPhone, but without the “phone” part. I love my iPod touch, and after trying to navigate this blog using the iPod Touch, I decided to make it mobile friendly. Thus, I’m happy to announce that Technically Speaking is now mobile-web friendly thanks to a plugin called MobliePress.  When you navigate to the blog’s homepage on a mobile browser you now see this:

iPhone Preview

I’ve only been able to test it from my iPod Touch, so let me know what mobile device you’re using and how the site looks for you.

Thanks for reading! More posts coming soon.

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