A shout out to MadCap Support

You’ve heard me say it before, doctor and you’ll hear me say it again: I really like MadCap Software. In case you just joined us, MadCap produces my main authoring tool, MadCap Flare. I use Flare to create single-sourced online and printed help for a variety of products.

Several times every week, I will be working on documentation, and I’ll use a feature in Flare (for example, conditional snippets), and I stop and literally say, “Wow. I love Flare.”

Now, you might expect a MadCap MVP (i.e. volunteer forum moderator) and a MadSkills Certified Trainer (which isn’t my day job) to like the company that produces the software. I’ll admit I have a bias. But I became a MVP because I loved the software enough to contribute to the MadCap forums regularly. Then I was invited to join the MVP group. And I didn’t set out to be a Trainer. MadCap actually contacted me, because they know how much I know about and like Flare, to see if I could pick up a training session that the other trainers were unavailable to take.

In any case, when I see a blog entry like this, I have to be even more grateful for the fantastic people in MadCap’s support department. In the post, MK Anderson talks about an unresolved customer service incident with Adobe that has been going on since August (4+ months!). And we’re not talking a complex custom feature request. We’re talking about getting a valid product key, even for a newly upgraded product.

I compare that to the customer service I’ve personally received from MadCap software, and the comparison is stunning. I have bronze-level support from MadCap. Yet, several times, MadCap has CALLED ME on the phone to better understand a technical problem I’ve reported. All my support requests have been resolved within a few days (though some of the resolutions were “we’ve filed a bug” — which is all you an say for some issues). MadCap Support doesn’t give up on difficult to find issues; once there was a bug being reported by a couple of customers, but MadCap couldn’t track it down. They worked with the few customers reporting the issue until we discovered repeatable steps to encounter the issue, then they fixed it that same day. Try getting that kind of support from Adobe.

So here is a shout out to all the fabulous people at MadCap Support. Thanks guys for a job well done! You are a big, big part of what makes using MadCap software a great experience.

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  1. I believe customer support is critical. I agree that Madcap has excellent support (an online chat feature would be even better). I don’t even have a support plan with Madcap, but I’ve talked to some of their support staff several times over the phone and have received help via email and the forums. It’s nice to know that I can contact someone. With Adobe, yeah, uhm, there’s no personal touch there.

  2. My manager has reported a few bugs/enhancements and errors to Madcap Customer Service (and we have a support plan with them), but they have remained largely unanswered or resolved, from as old as 6-9 months old.

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