Jing Project makes a huge mistake

I’ve been a happy user of a tool from TechSmith called Jing. It is a quick and easy way to take screen shots and screen cast videos and share them with other people.

I’ve been looking forward to the latest version of Jing, more about which was released last week, help and when it first came out I found some things that I loved about it.

Unfortunately, viagra 100mg however, I have decided that TechSmith blew it big time in one critical area for me.

To understand why this is important, let me give you a bit of background.

Like I said, Jing lets you take a quick screen shot or video of your comptuer desktop. This tool has become a valuable tool in my kit. When I’m working with pre-release versions of my company’s software, I often discover bugs. I can quickly take a screen shot of a problem in our application. Jing saves the screenshot to a pre-determined location, and puts the filepath on my clipboard. I go to the bug repoting system, and just click “paste” to put that filepath into the attachments field. It makes attaching an image to a bug report VERY quick, and painless.

The same thing goes for screen casts. When I find a bug that results from a process I encounter, or whose functionality is better shown in a video, rather than captured in a still image, I can use Jing to grab a video, record my audio commentary of the bug. When I save the Jing video, Jing saves the video to a pre-determined location, and puts the filepath on my clipboard. I go to the bug reporting system, and paste the filepath into the attachments field. My developers love it.

I also send jing videos and images via instant message to my co-workers all over. It is a quick and easy way to share information.

However, the newest Jing, released last week made a major change to the way that videos are shown when you play them. Now videos expand to the full window size, regardless of the size of the recording window. I never record full-page videos. It is harder for people to process, and wastes space on the file system. Now, when people open my videos by opening the video from the bug system, or by clicking on the link in my IM, the video plays full screen. My boss has a 30″ screen. I created a video that was about 300 pixels wide by about 200 pixels high. It was expanded to full screen on his monitor. He had to stand back several feet to even understand what he was seeing.

I contacted TechSmith to disucss this issue. They tell me that this is a “feature” in the new version of Jing, and suggest that I embed the video into an HTML page to control the video size.

Nonsense. This is about quick sharing. There is no way that I’m going to take a video, then create a html page, then embed the image into the html page, then save the page, then upload the page to a server and then send the html page’s location to a co-worker. Not going to happen. Remember TechSmith? This is about quick sharing of information. There’s nothing quick about making me embed the video into an html page in order to make the size be at  100%  of the recorded size.

I wish I were writing about what I like in the new Jing. Problem is, I can’t recommend it for anybody who wants to take video  because I believe this “feature” makes it unprofessional at best, and unusable at worst.

TechSmith? Can you hear me? Can you fix this please?!

Update (1/29/09): TechSmith heard and answered. Check it out.

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  1. Well Jing hasnt been working for me for the last week… No idea why… It keeps saying I need to update the software. This has been done numerous times…

    • Edwin, If you are still having problems, you should contact TechSmith directly. They were very helpful and contacted me back several times regarding Jing. I think Jing is a great tool, so I hope that you can get it working for you.

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