Skuut on over to great customer serivce

My three year old loves to play outside. About a year ago, prescription we got him a Skuut, order but because we lived in a condo, he only rode it once or twice last year.

I loved the Skuut when we bought it because of its all wood design, and the way it teaches young kids to balance on the bike before they are ready to learn to ride a bike. It is a perfect ride for a 2-4 year old, and the seat is adjustable, so it can grow with him.

Since the first of the year, since we are in our new house, Nathaniel has re-discovered his Skuut, and he absolutely loved it for the four or five days he got to use it. Then the wood cracked and the handlebars fell off:

Broken Skuut

My wife contacted Skuut wondering about replacement parts. The representative had us send some pictures of the problem, and then they wrote back saying they would replace the entire bike for free, including free shipping to our house. What great customer service! It’s refreshing to see a company who cares about (1) their customers and (2) the quality of their products.

Our replacement Skuut arrived yesterday and today my little guy is out riding his heart out again, and loving it. Thanks Skuut for caring about your customers and making this a great experience for us.

If you are looking for a quality bike product for a toddler or pre-schooler, I recommend you check out Skuut. It’s a great product from a great company with fabulous customer service.

Thanks Skuut!


Please note, Skuut did not ask me to write this review, nor did they know that I had a blog. I chose to write the review because I value companies that have great customer service. I did receive a free Skuut replacement, but only because the previously purchased one was broken–not as compensation for providing any kind of review.


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  1. well, i did not have this experience. my son’s skuut handlebars broke, and because version 1 bike is no longer made??? company wouldn’t or couldn’t replace handlebars and did not offer me a new bike, merely a small discount on a new bike.

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