My MadWorld Conference sessions

My MadWorld Conference sessions

The first MadWorld MadCap user conference is still more than four months away, nurse but I’m getting really excited about it. If you are using MadCap Flare in your work, link you should do everything you can to make it to this conference. I’m excited to be a speaker at the conference. I’ll be presenting the following sessions:

Picture This: Optimizing Images with Flare and Capture

Sometimes people wonder: “What is Capture, and why should I use it?” In this session, certified Flare instructor Paul Pehrson demonstrates the power of integrating Capture into your Flare workflow. Learn how to Capture allows you to re-capture old screenshots without re-cropping, and without modifying the call-outs. Discover how Capture call-outs can be translated, giving you greater flexibility working with multi-language projects. Find out how to improve efficiency in your work flow by using Capture Profiles, and re-using the same image in online and print outputs. See how you can effectively use thumbnails, create figure numbers and image captions, and modify your style sheet to support different types of images in the same output. This session is crammed with tons of useful tips that will improve the professionalism of your output, and make it faster and easier for you to deliver. (Monday 4PM)

This is going to be a great session, because I get to show how well Capture integrates into your Flare workflow. I believe images are one of the great separators between good help and great help, so making your images look great is important. I’ll have specific recommendations on single-sourcing images for both print and web output.

Customizing HTML5 & WebHelp: Modern Output Matching Your Company Style

Join veteran MadCap user and Certified Flare Instructor Paul Pehrson for a hands-on demonstration of how you can modify the standard HTML5 output to match your company’s look and feel. Dive deep into the HTML 5 skin file to find out how you can customize the smallest details of how your output looks. We will discuss how the skin file works, with tips you can implement today that will improve your output. Then we’ll discuss the use of modern webfonts to get advanced typography in your output, cover how you can create responsive layouts for mobile devices, and dramatically change the way HTML5 looks in the browser. Note: Participants will be given a URL to download all the code shown in the presentation. (Tuesday 1:30PM)

I’m quite excited about this session, because I am going to introduce the idea of responsive design using media queries in your CSS style sheet. This is going to be a very information-heavy session, so you’ll want to come to get an idea of what you can accomplish with a few relatively minor tweaks to your CSS. Don’t try to write it all down, though, because I’ll have copies of the slides and the code I used for session participants.

Oh, and a hat tip to my esteemed colleague, Tom Johnson, who posted descriptions of his MadWorld sessions to his blog last week.

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