Polished screen casts with background music

Polished screen casts with background music

Several years ago I was looking to license some royalty-free music that I could use for screen cast background music. I happened across the Digital Juice website, pharm and started looking at their StackTraxx product.

Each StackTraxx DVD contains around 20 royalty-free music tracks, this site but the magic here is that they let you choose which layers of the song you want to use, unhealthy and every track comes in five versions: full length, 1 minute, 30 seconds, 15 seconds, and 10 seconds. Since each track has at least four layers, and there are five versions of each track, and 20 tracks, that adds up to more than five hundred variations per DVD.

At the time, I was able get a package deal of five DVDs for $80, and I’ve loved using them. I was sad when, not long after I made my purchase, Digital Juice retired the StackTraxx product line. Today, randomly, I was searching for some license information on the StackTraxx DVD’s I already have, and I found that Digital Juice has temporarily pulled StackTraxx out of retirement. Currently you can get a package deal of five DVDs for just under $100, plus shipping.

Check out their website, and pick out a DVD, then you can listen to the various versions of each song. If you click the “STACK” option, you can even play around with turning on and off different layers in each track to see how the songs change as you mix different layers.

If you create screen casts, I encourage you to check out this deal while it lasts. They are also selling individual DVDs for about $30 each.

Please note: This is not a promotional plug for Digital Juice. I have not connection to the company. I’m just a happy customer who saw a deal, and wanted to share.

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