DocGuy Training Introduces New Price Structure for Training

Sale!Today I’m pleased to announce a new price structure for training provided by DocGuy Training. The net result is a reduced price on all MadCap Flare training courses, page both online and web-based.

These new, information pills lower prices for MadCap training make onsite and web-based Flare training even more affordable for you and your organization, and are clearer and easier to understand.

For example, previously, for a 3 day online training course for three people, the cost would have been $4950.00. Now the same 3-day online training course for three people would have a total cost of $3150, a reduction of more than 30%!

The new pricing structure also makes it easier to compare prices with my competitors, and I think you’ll see that I provide phenomenal training for unbelievably low rates.

People who have taken my courses love how I provide real-world knowledge of working with Flare on actual projects, so I have the skills and experience to help you make the best of your training experience.

Visit my training page to see the new price structure and to request more information.

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