Introducing MiniMad – a new way to get modularized MadCap Flare training

Introducing MiniMad – a new way to get modularized MadCap Flare training

Today I’m thrilled to announce a new training program that I’m providing through DocGuy Training called MiniMad–online training modules that fit your schedule and your budget.

While many of us would love to get additional training on the tools we use, view often we can’t because training classes are too expensive, too long, or too hard to get approved through management. Here is the solution to that problem. Instead of signing up for a three or four day training course (that usually costs more than $1200 per person), sign up for a MiniMad session. Instead of wasting time in a training learning things you already know, sign up for a MiniMad training session that covers a topic that you want to know more about.

MiniMad training sessions last one to three hours, depending on the topic, and cost between $55 and $150 depending on the length. Most MiniMad classes are scheduled for the late afternoon or evening (for those of you in North America), but if you want a MiniMad training session scheduled for a different time of day (any timezone, world-wide), I’d be happy to work with you to schedule it.

With MiniMad training sessions, you get the information you need, when you are interested in learning it. Because each MiniMad session is repeated every month or so, you can pick up all the MiniMad sessions that interest you as you have time to take them and implement them into your workflow.

I think you’ll agree that the prices are already fantastic, but to celebrate this new training option, if you order before July 15th, 2013 use coupon code MINIMAD15 for 15% your entire order!

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