Save Early, Save Often!

Hello fellow writers. Congratulations on making it another week!

Today I was reading the MadCap forums, web and I came across a post that points out an issue in Flare that I think you should be aware of, so you can try to avoid it. I know MadCap has already received notice of this issue, and it seems that they are already working on a fix, however in the mean time…

Here is the information I gathered from the forums: If you have a flare file open in both the GUI view (some call this the WYSIWYG view) in one tab, and you have the text view open in a different tab, some people are reporting issues where information entered in the text view is overridden by the content in the GUI view. This does NOT seem to be affecting the split view where you can see both the GUI view and the text view in the same tab. From what I understand, this only applies when you have files open in separate Flare tabs.

If you are going to switch back and forth between the GUI view and the text view in separate tabs, I recommend that you save the first and close it, before you switch to the other view. This is also true for files like CSS files in addition to topics.

Like I said, I’ve heard that MadCap is already working on solving this issue, but it is worth being aware of, because you’d hate to lose content you’ve worked on!

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