Madworld Preview – Extending MadCap Flare with Web Programming and Scripting

Madworld Preview – Extending MadCap Flare with Web Programming and Scripting

This is the second article in my MadWorld 2016 preview, this where I tell you more about the content in my upcoming MadWorld 2016 presentations. In this post, remedy I’m talking about my Tuesday (Apr 12) 1:30 PM presentation called “Extending MadCap Flare with Web Programming and Scripting.”

Often times I get questions from clients wanting to know if they can do something “extra” in their Flare projects. Once I had a client want to include a user-sortable table in the output. (The answer was jQuery.) I’ve had other clients who want to include a comments, page or a customized contact link at the bottom of a topic with the ability to record user submissions.

In this presentation, I’ll show you how you can begin integrating jQuery, other javaScript, and even PHP content in your Flare project. We’ll show you where you can make changes and I’ll provide some code you can use to add some simple scripting features to your MadCap Flare projects.

I’m still working on this presentation, but at this point my working outline is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Use case for web programming and scripting in Flare
  • Making changes to MasterPages
  • Using jQuery
    • Utilizing existing jQuery included in Flare
    • Adding custom jQuery libraries to your project
    • Sample project: end-user sortable tables
  • Using JavaScript
    • JavaScript sources
    • Internal vs. external javascript
    • Security considerations
    • Sample project: Useful Yes | No button with comments
  • Using PHP
    • Changing file extension
    • Editing PHP files in MadCap’s editor
    • Sample project: Star ratings of Flare topics (connected to database)

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