So, About MadWorld 2017

So, About MadWorld 2017

See that person in the picture? That is me. That is me looking at MadWorld 2017, healing from outside the fence looking in.

I’m devastated to report that I have had to withdraw from presenting at and attending MadWorld 2017. Most of my loyal readers probably already know that I do MadCap consulting and training on the side because I love working in Flare, physician and I love helping people catch my vision of how Flare can really improve a help author’s writing experience. But, see as I said, I do it on the side. It is not my full-time job.

In my full-time job I’m a senior information developer for Venafi, the world-leading provider of software to protect large organizations by helping them manage their keys and certificates.

After I had been accepted to present at MadWorld 2017, I had a professional commitment come up where I need to travel to eastern Europe to meet with one of the product teams I work with. The week we are doing product planning in Europe is the same week as MadWorld.

So for the first time since the first MadWorld conference in 2013, I won’t be participating. I am pleased to let you know that a colleague and dear friend, Derek Warren, has graciously stepped in to present my sessions. Derek has previously presented at MadWorld, and he’s been using Flare for many years. I think he is especially well suited to take over these specific presentations. He will be presenting tips and tricks for things you can do to enhance your authoring experience in Flare. He’ll also be talking about tips and tricks for working with multiple authors in Flare. Derek currently manages a team of four writers (including me), who are not all located in the same state. In his session, he’ll share some great insights about how to make the multi-author experience as friction-less as possible.

Finally, Derek will be collaborating with another of my dear friends, Daniel Ferguson for a two-hour workshop on customizing TopNav output. The three of us are meeting next week to plan that workshop, and I think you are going to really like it. (They are even letting me come to the planning meeting, even though I don’t get to attend the conference anymore. Thanks guys!)

So, I’m really disappointed that this mandatory work trip is happening the same week as MadWorld. For many years now, MadWorld has been a highlight of my year. I love meeting so many of you in person. I love learning from–and with–you, and I will miss you all very much. However, I’m confident you will be in good hands.

I’d also like to publicly thank and acknowledge how awesome the MadWorld conference committee has been, especially with my late-breaking change in schedule. As always, the people at MadCap are top-notch professionals.

Those of you lucky enough to attend MadWorld are in for another excellent conference. I’ve said for four years now that MadWorld is the best conference in the information development/technical writing community. It has an amazing balance of knowledge sharing, professional development, fun, good food, and entertainment that I’ve never seen duplicated. I will miss you, even more than you’ll miss me!

But I can tell you this, 2018 is my year. I’ll be back!

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