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  • Creating a Snippet with non-standard content in Flare

    Creating a Snippet with non-standard content in Flare

    When you are working in Flare, you may have encountered an issue that drove me crazy for a long time regarding snippets. When you have some content in Flare that you want to convert to be a snippet, usually you can just select the paragraphs of text and click the Create Snippet button on the Home […]

  • Flare Podcast, Anyone?

    Flare Podcast, Anyone?

    Hey all, I\’ve been talking with a good friend of mine about launching a Flare-specific podcast. We would include interviews with luminaries in the Flare community, tips and tricks in working with Flare, a broader discussion of technical writing in general, and other such topics. To get started, though, I\’m interested in hearing from you […]

  • The State of MadCap Flare in 2017 (published by an outsider)

    The State of MadCap Flare in 2017 (published by an outsider)

    I had a recent comment on a post I wrote nearly ten years ago. The post actually earned me a bit of notoriety in the MadCap community. For many years after writing that post, more about people would see me at an industry conference and say, prescription “Oh, you’re the guy who wrote The Six […]

  • My MadWorld 2016 Content

    Hey everybody, purchase The 2016 MadWorld Conference is now in the history books, and I’ve been asked to provide my content from my presentations here on my blog. I’ve created a page where you can view all the shared content from my presentations. This year I was asked to participate in the Lightning Talk session. […]

  • MadWorld 2015 Call for Papers

    Today MadCap Software announced the call for papers for the MadWorld 2015 WorldWide Learning Conference. You can read more and submit your proposals on the MadWorld 2015 Conference website.