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  • The State of MadCap Flare in 2017 (published by an outsider)

    The State of MadCap Flare in 2017 (published by an outsider)

    I had a recent comment on a post I wrote nearly ten years ago. The post actually earned me a bit of notoriety in the MadCap community. For many years after writing that post, more about people would see me at an industry conference and say, prescription “Oh, you’re the guy who wrote The Six […]

  • MagicJack’s false promise of “no more bills”

    MagicJack’s false promise of “no more bills”

    Have you heard of MagicJack? It is a company that provides phone service via the Internet. You purchase a device that you plug into either your computer or your Internet router, treat and you can use it to make unlimited phone calls across the US and Canada for free. I’ve had MagicJack for a couple […]

  • When the “right” tool isn’t the “best” tool

    Not too long ago, generic I found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place. I work for a large organization (30k+ world wide workforce), purchase and I’m just one tiny fish in a very large lake. I was asked to provide help content in the form of a getting started guide for a […]

  • Giving Student Members of STC a Voice

    Recently on the Techwr-L list, viagra dosage there was a firestorm of controversy regarding allowing student members the right to vote in STC Society-level matters. The STC Board recently conducted a survey, asking for input on whether or not to allow student members to vote at the Society level. (The right of student members to […]

  • Breaking up with Ubuntu

    Dear John Ubuntu, order I don’t really know how to say this, visit this site except to be honest and up front. Please don’t take this personally. This just isn’t going to work out between us. I’d like to say that it’s all my fault, and that it’s not you, but I just don’t think […]