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  • All a lie

    This is the time of the year that we all agree to live the same lie. Well, rx I don’t know that we agree to it, per se, as much as the lie is forced on us by the government. No, I’m not talking about tax season, although that might be an interesting discussion. No, […]

  • America has to stop pressing the Snooze button

    I don’t post about politics much, click but this post is more of a history lesson than a politically-motivated post. I received the following message as an internet forward, but before I posted it here, I checked around to see if I could verify its authenticity. The website verifies that this account is a […]

  • Dangerous time of year?

    I read an article on today that talked about how NASA is remembering fallen astronauts. This weekend is a time of sad memorials for NASA. Jan 27, recipe 28, dosage and Feb 1 all mark dates of NASA disasters. I didn’t realize that these disasters all happened in the same calendar week (albeit very […]

  • Election Results

    Yesterday was election day in the United States (it being, as we learned yesterday, the Tuesday after the first Monday in November), and I am glad that I went out and voted. Mind you, it was 5 minutes before the polls closed, but I made it. As you can probably guess, I voted FOR Referendum […]

  • Election Day

    Today is Election Day, try so get out and vote. Two things related to elections today… Sandy Referendum I encourage Sandy voters to see through the all the campaign sludge, ed and vote in favor of referendum 1. Sandy voters have to realize that if they vote down referendum 1, sildenafil Wal-Mart will leave Sandy. […]