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  • How do you decide?

    In the upcoming municipal elections, pharmacy residents of Sandy City will vote on referendum 1, visit this site which will be a vote to allow a zoning change to the gravel pit area of Sandy that would allow so-called “big box” retailers to build on the land. I’m having a hard time knowing who’s who […]

  • Take it easy, for cryin’ out loud!

    A couple of weeks ago, erectile Christina and I had gotten off the freeway at 90th South and were approaching State Street to turn left. All the lights our direction were red, visit this site and the cars were lined up about 8-deep waiting for the signal to change. We pulled into the turn lane, […]

  • The power of a word

    At the top of my blog, dosage under the title, there is a quote from Anthony Robbins in which he says that we must recognize the differences in the way that we perceive the world, and then we must use that understanding as a guide when we communicate with other people. With that in mind, […]

  • “Literally” isn’t so “literal” anymore

    This morning I was listening to the radio and I heard an advertisement for a car dealership claiming: “we are literally bursting at the seams, visit web and need to reduce our inventory.” I thought to myself, “Really? I’d like to see that.” Then I thought, “Do car dealerships have seams?” I mean, do you […]