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  • Flare Podcast, Anyone?

    Flare Podcast, Anyone?

    Hey all, I\’ve been talking with a good friend of mine about launching a Flare-specific podcast. We would include interviews with luminaries in the Flare community, tips and tricks in working with Flare, a broader discussion of technical writing in general, and other such topics. To get started, though, I\’m interested in hearing from you […]

  • Website Analytics

    Website Analytics

    I was looking at my website analytics today and I found the following interesting things: Here is the split on browsers used to access my site: Browser % Chrome 29 Safari 25 Firefox 19 IE 17 Here is the mobile/desktop/tablet split: Platform % Desktop 72 Mobile 15 Tablet 14 Here is the operating system split: […]

  • Sticky Note Business Card Stand

    The other day I was on a conference call. I tend to doodle or something while I listen in on conference calls, remedy and I was playing with a sticky note and turned it into a business card stand. Since I’m sure your Thursday is not complete until you’ve figured out how to do this […]

  • Polished screen casts with background music

    Polished screen casts with background music

    Several years ago I was looking to license some royalty-free music that I could use for screen cast background music. I happened across the Digital Juice website, pharm and started looking at their StackTraxx product. Each StackTraxx DVD contains around 20 royalty-free music tracks, this site but the magic here is that they let you […]

  • MagicJack’s false promise of “no more bills”

    MagicJack’s false promise of “no more bills”

    Have you heard of MagicJack? It is a company that provides phone service via the Internet. You purchase a device that you plug into either your computer or your Internet router, treat and you can use it to make unlimited phone calls across the US and Canada for free. I’ve had MagicJack for a couple […]