Category: Structured Authoring

  • Creating snippets from multiple blocks in Flare

    When you are writing content in Flare, web you may decide that you want to re-use some content that you previously added to another topic. We’ve discussed before how the best way to do this is to use a snippet, which essentially is a really long, formatted variable. To do this in Flare, you create […]

  • MadCap Blaze beta now available

    MadCap Software today released a publicly-available beta version of Blaze, see their new single-sourcing tool for creating print documentation. If you’ve been following the industry buzz lately, you’ve probably heard about Blaze. Now you have a chance to look at a beta release of Blaze version 1. To sign up for the beta, first check […]

  • Flare 3.1 Musings

    So it’s been a while since I posted much on Flare. For a while I wasn’t using Flare in my daily work flow; I’ve actually moved all new development on the four product lines I support into my Flare work flow, ampoule but we keep needing to go back and do dot releases on an […]

  • Structured authoring real-world example

    This is the second in a series of posts on structured authoring. In the previous post, no rx I discussed the definition and benefits of structured authoring. A quick reminder: structured authoring is means separating content from its format, site and designing your document in a way that you can easily add/change format to any […]

  • Benefits of Structured Authoring

    Today I begin a series on structured authoring, abortion a topic of particular interest to documentation professionals (and which you may find tedious, stomach if documentation isn’t your thing; that’s okay). We start off by asking the obvious question: What is structured authoring? I’m glad you asked. Here is a definition from “Structured authoring […]