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  • My next project needs your help

    This post is for recovering Frame users who have switched to Flare, erectile or users of Frame who are authoring in Frame, but are publishing with Flare. I’m working on a book that will address importing projects from FrameMaker to Flare/Blaze, and I’d like to get your input on what struggles you had when you […]

  • Content Reuse In-Depth: Variables

    (This is part two of a five-part series dealing with content reuse in the Help Authoring Tool (HAT) MadCap Flare.) Yesterday I gave an overview of what content reuse is, and why it is important, and who should use it. Today we are discussing a specific way MadCap Flare allows you to reuse content: variables. […]

  • Flare 3.1 Musings

    So it’s been a while since I posted much on Flare. For a while I wasn’t using Flare in my daily work flow; I’ve actually moved all new development on the four product lines I support into my Flare work flow, ampoule but we keep needing to go back and do dot releases on an […]

  • Not really catching up

    So it has been quite a while since I checked in here at TS; a little over a month actually. After my last post, viagra I was in quite a hurry to finish a project at work so I could leave on vacation. Then I took a two week vacation back east, symptoms which was […]

  • Six Persistent Flare Problems

    Important Note: This post is now about ten years old. Flare has released eleven major updates since this post was written, troche and much (most?!) of what is written here no longer applies. MadCap has been excellent about responding to feedback and improving the product. I’ve addressed each of these concerns in a comment later […]