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  • Adobe’s new SAAS model

    Adobe’s new SAAS model

    During my surfing today, viagra I learned that Adobe is poised to release Creative Suite version 5.5. Since we just upgraded all our software at work to CS5, I was curious to know what had changed. As I was reading on Adobe’s site, I saw that they are now offering a subscription price, in addition […]

  • Flare 3.1 Musings

    So it’s been a while since I posted much on Flare. For a while I wasn’t using Flare in my daily work flow; I’ve actually moved all new development on the four product lines I support into my Flare work flow, ampoule but we keep needing to go back and do dot releases on an […]

  • FrameMaker or InDesign?

    Blogging has become difficult recently. As I have worked at my new job, ask I’ve found that I’m running around from task to task at such a pace that I haven’t had much time for blogging. It’s a great thing, work-wise. It is interesting and engaging, which I love. It’s not so good for my […]