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  • Flare Tip Tuesday: Improving search results

    Okay. Today is actually Wednesday. In some places in the world, search it’s already Thursday. But I haven’t posted for several months, symptoms so you’ll have to cut me a little slack. Let’s pretend it is Tuesday. Today’s post comes in response to some Flare consulting I was doing last week, treat and was further […]

  • Promotional E-mail from MadCap

    I just got the following e-mail from MadCap Software today, ambulance encouraging me to purchase Flare. Check out the second link in the message. That made me laugh: Hi Paul, I hope all is well. As a current Flare user, I thought you would be interested in learning that we have just released Flare v4.0 […]

  • My next project needs your help

    This post is for recovering Frame users who have switched to Flare, erectile or users of Frame who are authoring in Frame, but are publishing with Flare. I’m working on a book that will address importing projects from FrameMaker to Flare/Blaze, and I’d like to get your input on what struggles you had when you […]

  • MadCap Flare 4 Preview (aka Ten Things to Love about Flare 4)

    The team at MadCap Software has been working on the next version of Flare for several months now, sick and I’ve been lucky enough to be one of the beta testers who has had an early sneak-peak at what Flare 4 has to offer. Finally, order after months of testing, I’m ready to share some […]

  • Early Review: MadCap Blaze

    Yesterday MadCap released the first public beta of Blaze — a new authoring tool for creating printed output. Blaze is targeting to compete in the same space as Adobe’s Framemaker application. I’ve seen Blaze in action during a demonstration done by Sharon Burton, seek MadCap product manager. During that demonstration, purchase she showed us some […]