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  • Creating a Snippet with non-standard content in Flare

    Creating a Snippet with non-standard content in Flare

    When you are working in Flare, you may have encountered an issue that drove me crazy for a long time regarding snippets. When you have some content in Flare that you want to convert to be a snippet, usually you can just select the paragraphs of text and click the Create Snippet button on the Home […]

  • Searching with quotation marks in Adobe Reader

    Here is your Flare Tip Tuesday for the week… Today we had a customer come asking us where a particular feature was documented in the PDF guide. We had instructed them to search for the phrase they needed using quotation marks. It turns out that if you use quotation marks to search for content in […]

  • Flare V10 is here and it is awesome!

    Flare V10 is here and it is awesome!

    Update – March 17 2014 – The article I wrote for ISTC’s Communicator journal is now reproduced in this article on my blog. I’ve been an early tester of Flare V10, order so I’ve had my hands on it for the last couple of months, erectile and I’m thrilled to be able to talk publicly about […]

  • Website Analytics

    Website Analytics

    I was looking at my website analytics today and I found the following interesting things: Here is the split on browsers used to access my site: Browser % Chrome 29 Safari 25 Firefox 19 IE 17 Here is the mobile/desktop/tablet split: Platform % Desktop 72 Mobile 15 Tablet 14 Here is the operating system split: […]

  • Book Review: “Five Steps to MadCap Flare”

    Book Review: “Five Steps to MadCap Flare”

    Every time I provide MadCap Flare training, sildenafil there are a couple of books I recommend for all my students. Probably the most important one is the book “Steps Five Steps to MadCap Flare” by Lorraine Kupka. In my opinion, price this book is essential reading for anybody who is new to Flare and wants […]