Category: Better Living

  • Sticky Note Business Card Stand

    The other day I was on a conference call. I tend to doodle or something while I listen in on conference calls, remedy and I was playing with a sticky note and turned it into a business card stand. Since I’m sure your Thursday is not complete until you’ve figured out how to do this […]

  • Harder than it looks

    (Another episode in the “Better Living by Doing It Yourself” series) Writing good instructions is hard. I feel qualified to make that assertion because it is what I do every day for a living. So I just wanted to start off this story by saying that I recognize that as an instruction writer, abortion it […]

  • An Egg-splosive Egg-sperience

    This is another _Better Living by Doing It Yourself_ story. Tuesday nights are a little busy around our house. Christina is TA-ing for a class at BYU, find so she doesn’t get home until 7:00. I have a presidency meeting that starts at 7:00, so we often cross like proverbial “ships in the night.” This […]

  • Better Living by Doing It Yourself

    I think I could write a weekly column on “better living by doing it yourself, erectile ” in which I could explain how often I try to do things myself only for them to go horribly wrong. This is one such example. We’ll call it “The Botched Haircut.” You’re groaning already, abortion aren’t you! You […]