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  • Book Review: “Five Steps to MadCap Flare”

    Book Review: “Five Steps to MadCap Flare”

    Every time I provide MadCap Flare training, sildenafil there are a couple of books I recommend for all my students. Probably the most important one is the book “Steps Five Steps to MadCap Flare” by Lorraine Kupka. In my opinion, price this book is essential reading for anybody who is new to Flare and wants […]

  • Intellectual Property Responsibilities of Content Developers

    As a technical writer, medical I develop content for the applications I’m supporting. Often that includes designing content, pill images, seek and multi-media to provide the best user experience possible. As content developers, however, we have a responsibility (both legal and moral) to ensure that the content we are using is being used properly and […]

  • MadCap Flare 4.2: a welcome update

    Users of MadCap Flare were greeted in their e-mail inboxes today with the announcement of an update to Flare V4.2. If you missed it, click it might be because it was buried in a message about the new Feedback Server 2 that is now available. To get all the benefits from Feedback Server 2, sildenafil […]

  • Jing Project makes a huge mistake

    I’ve been a happy user of a tool from TechSmith called Jing. It is a quick and easy way to take screen shots and screen cast videos and share them with other people. I’ve been looking forward to the latest version of Jing, more about which was released last week, help and when it first […]

  • America at Home

    Have you heard about the America at Home project, try sponsored by Ikea? For the next seven days, recipe you are invited to take pictures of the things that make your house a home. Each day has a different theme; take your pics and upload them to the website. They will then be considered for […]