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  • Website Analytics

    Website Analytics

    I was looking at my website analytics today and I found the following interesting things: Here is the split on browsers used to access my site: Browser % Chrome 29 Safari 25 Firefox 19 IE 17 Here is the mobile/desktop/tablet split: Platform % Desktop 72 Mobile 15 Tablet 14 Here is the operating system split: […]

  • Flare V7: an impressive iteration

    Flare V7: an impressive iteration

    If you follow help authoring tools, illness you’ve probably heard that MadCap Software recently released the latest iteration of their flagship help authoring tool, prostate MadCap Flare V7. Flare 7 has an impressive list of new features; it seems that the folks at MadCap have had a busy year. In just less than a year […]

  • Copy machines: a threat to your privacy?

    A relative send me an e-mail forward today, cost and while I don’t generally read or respond to forwards, this one was quite disturbing. The CBS Evening News recently reported on the dangers posed by digital photo copy machines. Essentially, every new copy machine made since 2002 has a built-in hard drive that keeps a […]