Content Reuse Series

To make my series on content reuse in MadCap Flare more accessible, cialis 40mg I’ve created this page that lets you see the five days, with a link to each day.

This five-day series covers:

The posts are from November 2007, and I am using MadCap Flare version 3.1, and MadCap Capture 2.0. As newer versions are released, some functionality described in these posts may change.

I’m not a MadCap employee, but I am a volunteer forum moderator in the MadCap forums, and I’m a MadCap MVP. I post in the MadCap Forums under the pseudonym “Doc-Guy”.

If you have questions about using Flare, you can contact me via my blog, or head on over to the MadCap forums and poke your head in there. The forums are full of good people who love Flare, and love to help others learn about it. If you contact me directly, please remember that I do have a family and a day job, so I’ll try to respond to you as quickly as I can, after I have taken care of my other priorities <grin>.

Also, I wanted to thank Rick F. for his help in reviewing the content I posted as part of this series.