MadWorld 2016 Slides and Links

I gave the following presentations at MadWorld 2016 in San Diego, try California:

  • Top Five Content Reuse Features in MadCap Flare
    You know that MadCap Flare has content reuse features, but are you using them to your best advantage? In this session, Paul Pehrson of DocGuy Training discusses the top five content reuse features available in Flare and shows you how you can improve implementation in your current projects. We’ll also talk about variables, conditions, snippets, snippet conditions, and more.
  • Lightning Talks
    In this high-energy lightning talk session, speakers will share a brief presentation on a particular topic of their choosing. Each speaker will present for 5-10 minutes, sharing tips, tricks and more in a fun, fast-paced format designed to give the audience a rich variety of information. The session will wrap up with questions from the audience.
  • Extending MadCap Flare with Web Programming and Scripting
    Are you ready to take your MadCap Flare content to the next level? Join us to see how you can leverage web programming and scripting in your MadCap Flare projects, giving you incredible control over additional features that can add to your users’ experience. We’ll talk about PHP, JavaScript and jQuery and provide a glimpse of what is possible when you integrate web scripting into your Flare projects.
  • Hands-on with Source Control and MadCap Flare: Connecting and Working with a Project Using a Cloud Source Control Provider
    You already know you should be using source control, but implementing it may sound daunting. In this two-hour workshop, we’ll take an existing MadCap Flare project and bind it to your choice of either a Git or Subversion repository in the cloud, live and in-session.

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