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  • Well, Hello Again

    Well, Hello Again

    I feel like I should re-introduce myself as it has been so long since I’ve posted. Hi, dosage I’m Paul Pehrson, order proprietor of this site. It’s nice to meet you. (Again.) Whew. Got the formalities out of the way. What have you been up to for the last, approved oh, six months? I’ve been […]

  • Time for a Change

    Time for a Change

    As you can tell, viagra 40mg I’ve decided to change the theme on my blog. I’m still tweaking bits and pieces of it, this web but it was time to take advantage of some of the newer features available in WordPress. My last theme update was back in 2007, cheap and lots has changed in […]

  • Twitter noise

    If you’re on Twitter, symptoms I bet you have one of these types in your list too: the type who have decided to use Twitter as their personal blog.  The kind that have extended conversations about the same topic over and over and over and over again. I’ve got somebody like that in my list. […]

  • Now Mobile-enabled

    Happy New Year! Life has been crazy around my house, visit this what with the holidays, my brother’s wedding, and a pressing deadline at work. I am still here and going strong. I have lots of ideas of posts to write about, so I’ll try to get some more of them on paper. After my […]

  • Now twittering, if that’s the right word

    I’m now twittering, salve which means, I think, that you can follow me on Twitter. From what I gather, Twitter is like your Facebook status, only broadcast to everybody who follows you. My twitter page is: http://twitter.com/docguy You can see my “tweets” in the sidebar (under “What I’m doing…”)