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  • Indenting content in Flare (and HTML in general) using styles

    Many Flare users find that they want to create indented text for one reason or another. A classic example is when they want to include a code sample. If you create a class of P called ‘code’ and apply it, physician you get all the code at the same level, website like this like this: <html> […]

  • Website Analytics

    Website Analytics

    I was looking at my website analytics today and I found the following interesting things: Here is the split on browsers used to access my site: Browser % Chrome 29 Safari 25 Firefox 19 IE 17 Here is the mobile/desktop/tablet split: Platform % Desktop 72 Mobile 15 Tablet 14 Here is the operating system split: […]

  • A Chrome-Plated Warning

    I like new software, ask and I like Google. Generally speaking, that is. Has Google gone off its rocker with Chrome? Does Google’s Motto “Do No Evil” not mean the same thing to them as it does to me? Yesterday I downloaded Google’s new browser, Chrome, and I’m heading back to Firefox. (I won’t pass […]