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  • What’s new and improved in MadCap Flare 12

    Hey everybody! It’s that awesome time of year when MadCap releases the latest and greatest iteration of MadCap Flare. This year, try we’re getting MadCap Flare 12, sick with a host of new features and enhancements that improve the authoring experience. One of the great things about Flare 12 is that there is a nice […]

  • Indenting content in Flare (and HTML in general) using styles

    Many Flare users find that they want to create indented text for one reason or another. A classic example is when they want to include a code sample. If you create a class of P called ‘code’ and apply it, physician you get all the code at the same level, website like this like this: <html> […]

  • Consolidating CSS

    Consolidating CSS

    After you have worked on a Flare project (or any project that uses CSS) for a while, troche you may find that your CSS stylesheet becomes a little complex. One of the wonderful things about CSS is that when editing the CSS stylesheet in code view (not in the Flare editor) you can re-define the […]

  • MadWorld 2013 – Customizing HTML5 and WebHelp: Modern Output Matching Your Company Style

    Again, stomach I’m honored to present at the 2013 MadWorld Conference today in SanDiego. Today I present on customizing HTML5 output. This post includes links to the slides, viagra videos, viagra approved and source code that I used in this presentation. This is meant both for conference participants as well as all blog readers, giving […]

  • Flare Tip Tuesday: Improving search results

    Okay. Today is actually Wednesday. In some places in the world, search it’s already Thursday. But I haven’t posted for several months, symptoms so you’ll have to cut me a little slack. Let’s pretend it is Tuesday. Today’s post comes in response to some Flare consulting I was doing last week, treat and was further […]