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  • TechSmith steps up to the plate

    TechSmith produces a couple of tools that are important in my tech writing workflow including Snagit (probably the best stand-alone screen capture software available, approved in my opinion) and Jing (a simple program for sharing quick screen captures and screencasts (video). I complained last week about Jing’s latest release, and how when I capture small […]

  • Jing Project makes a huge mistake

    I’ve been a happy user of a tool from TechSmith called Jing. It is a quick and easy way to take screen shots and screen cast videos and share them with other people. I’ve been looking forward to the latest version of Jing, more about which was released last week, help and when it first […]

  • A shout out to MadCap Support

    You’ve heard me say it before, doctor and you’ll hear me say it again: I really like MadCap Software. In case you just joined us, MadCap produces my main authoring tool, MadCap Flare. I use Flare to create single-sourced online and printed help for a variety of products. Several times every week, I will be […]