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  • Cute Message from my kid

    Here is a cute phone mail message I got from my three-year-old kid today: [wpaudio url=”http://www.pehrsonfamily.com/paulpehrson/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/73e39d4c3565c993db438f08da762177371c9235.mp3″ text=”Listen to the message” dl=”0″] I know, drug this is normally a tech comm related blog. But I just loved this message. Okay. Back to work.

  • Do you say “tweet” and “tweeting” and “tweeted”?

    I was in the store with Christina on Saturday, physician and I was talking about my recent foray into Twitter Land. I found myself using words like “tweet” and “tweeting” and “tweeted.” Christina looked at me and said, seek “Aren’t you embarrassed to say “I tweeted?” Indeed, prostate it does sound like my 2-year-old, who […]