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  • Indenting content in Flare (and HTML in general) using styles

    Many Flare users find that they want to create indented text for one reason or another. A classic example is when they want to include a code sample. If you create a class of P called ‘code’ and apply it, physician you get all the code at the same level, website like this like this: <html> […]

  • Flare V10 is here and it is awesome!

    Flare V10 is here and it is awesome!

    Update – March 17 2014 – The article I wrote for ISTC’s Communicator journal is now reproduced in this article on my blog. I’ve been an early tester of Flare V10, order so I’ve had my hands on it for the last couple of months, erectile and I’m thrilled to be able to talk publicly about […]

  • Consolidating CSS

    Consolidating CSS

    After you have worked on a Flare project (or any project that uses CSS) for a while, troche you may find that your CSS stylesheet becomes a little complex. One of the wonderful things about CSS is that when editing the CSS stylesheet in code view (not in the Flare editor) you can re-define the […]

  • Why MiniMad Works

    Why MiniMad Works

    Last week I announced a new MadCap Flare training initiative called MiniMad that I’m offering here on my website. I think this is an exciting new option for people to receive the specific kind of training they want when they are at the point that they are ready for it. Here are some questions I […]

  • Introducing MiniMad – a new way to get modularized MadCap Flare training

    Introducing MiniMad – a new way to get modularized MadCap Flare training

    Today I’m thrilled to announce a new training program that I’m providing through DocGuy Training called MiniMad–online training modules that fit your schedule and your budget. While many of us would love to get additional training on the tools we use, view often we can’t because training classes are too expensive, too long, or too […]